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  • THE DAPAD FOUNDATION or Direct Actions for the Promotion of African Development Foundation is an international multi purpose organization created by scholars and businessmen, registered in Japan(1999), in the United States of America(2002), and represented in 28 African countries, with the ambitious purpose of fostering African development around the world. The creation of the DAPAD FOUNDATION came from the following main observations: 1-Although Africa is the richest continent in the world and has been the backyard provider for the prosperity of the developed world, it is only recognized as the world symbol of poverty. The United Nations said that Africa has the largest number of poor countries of any continent, including 34 of the 50 least developed countries. Tragically, as many as 50 percent of Africans live on less than $1.25 a day (USD throughout article). 2-New promising initiatives such as the Tokyo International Conference on African Development(TICAD) have been introduced in favor of Africa renaissance; the TICAD conference which was first initiated by Japan in 1993, effectively became a development process for Africa since 1998 with the Tokyo Agenda for Action published at the end of the second TICAD conference co-organized by Japan, GCA,UN Systems, and World Bank. Since then the world has been showing more concern for Africa future(G8 summits, developed countries policies towards Africa, etc) and internal organizational transformations within Africa(AU replacing OAU, NEPAD, Etc.). 3-The amount of funds already transferred to Africa as AID/ODA inline with the above observations is more than ten times the amount transferred, during the same period for the same purpose [1960 to 1999], to Asian countries many of which have become the newly industrialized countries. 4-This is the best time to promote African development, there have never been and there will never be more opportunities and openness for Africa to accomplish her development goals, both at personal and organizational levels; the world seems to be realizing the obvious thing that without Africa the world cannot sustain, but African people are yet to be aware of this fact. The world is now entering a new industrial and economic transformation era characterized by a global call for a clean development mechanism. Africa should not miss this historical turning point, Africa must be part of this global transformation in partnership with other countries and not as a dependent. 5- Africa is the earth’s second-largest continent; a vast expanse stretching some 5,000 miles (8,000 km) between its most northern and southern tips, and 4,500 miles (7,000 km) between its most eastern and western points. With a population of approximately 1 billion, it is also the world’s second most populous continent, accounting for 15 percent of the global population. It encompasses numerous ethnic groups in 53 countries, speaking over 1,000 languages. The continent also leads the world in strategic minerals (rare minerals absolutely vital for industry), possessing 80 percent of the world’s platinum, 49 percent of its palladium, 55 percent of its chromium and 45 percent of its vanadium, among others. Its fertile fields have the potential to feed not only itself, but also many other countries. Its forests have enough timber to build homes for much of the world. Moreover, Africa’s massive rainforests have the potential for maintaining or destroying the equilibrium of the earth’s atmosphere and ecology. For example, massive deforestation could deplete the world’s ozone layer and adversely affect Earth’s climates. If the continent’s economic decline can be reversed, a prosperous, vibrant Africa, with its population of 1 billion, would become a huge market of consumers for products and services. A talented, educated populace would provide a skilled workforce, driving African economies capable of competing on the world stage, thus reducing—and possibly even eliminating—the need for aid. Africa already contributes internationally in many fields of human endeavor—and its contributions would be even more significant if the potential of its peoples and lands were fully unlocked. All nations would benefit. Our initial mission has therefore been to EMPOWER AFRICAN PEOPLE AND ORGANIZATIONS TO SIGNIFICANTLY INCREASE THEIR LEVEL OF AWARENESS IN ORDER TO SEE AND EMBRACE OPPORTUNITIES, ACHIEVE WORTHWHILE PURPOSES ,AND PERMANENT PROSPERITY THROUGH SUSTAINABLE INTERDEPENDENCE AND PARTNERSHIP , AND PARTICIPATION IN THE GLOBAL CLEAN DEVELOPMENT MECHANISM FOR THE PRESERVATION OF THE ECO-SYSTEM. And our credo, [WISDOM IS OUR CURRENCY], relates to the fact that, unlike many existing foundations, our organization was not created to provide funds to the needy, but to provide the wisdom and know-how necessary to convert the raw Africa wealth into value added services and products.

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