Model Setting for The African Poverty Eradication

 The “INSOWEL” program



     The African poverty is something which requires a special approach because it is  rooted in various problems of a global interest and scale. Although many initiatives have been implemented, no real good results have come from them. There is no other choice but to promote and implement a multi level collaborative interdependence with the rest of the world. A program which implement such an approach will develop a mechanism through which the highly educated human resources existing at universities and other institutions are wisely utilized, industrial mind for added financial value onto natural resources is developed, and the creation of job opportunities that promote high quality product for local consumption and export is actualized. Based on a 4-year research DAPAD has come up with a development model, the Integrated Social Well-being Development Program (in short The INSOWEL Program).                                     

            For a long time, Africa has been impoverished by the European colonial rule and slavery trading; and exploitation by a handful of people(sometimes African people) still continues and uniform development is yet to start, resulting in a disproportion of wealth distribution among the inhabitants surrounded with riches.

      The African natural environment is indispensable for all mankind and the living creatures on earth. As the deterioration of environment progresses, global warming has been a big issue. But as a critical topic for the whole world, eradicating poverty in Africa is an urgent task.


Then, the purpose of DAPAD’s activity (enlightenment of leaders and

social education for the general public), is to make the African people more

aware of the importance of self-support and self-reliance promotion and

partnership promotion (learning together, creating together, growing

together spirit), the environmental preservation, and a sustainable life style.

DAPAD has produced a regional and whole country bound integrated type

social development program which is based on six projects as the

necessary minimum requirement for a healthy living environment.       

DAPAD has been implementing these six projects, medical and social

insurance, preservation of environment  and agriculture,  and supply of safe

drinking water, food processing development, construction of infrastructure,

participation of all, promotion of information sharing etc,  as  enlightened

educational tools.                                                                              


DAPAD has come to this conclusion as the result of an extended period of

research and study which show that working on any one of the above

project alone does not bring any long term solution.


In ddition, implementation of the INSOWEL Program is carried out through

the realization of supporting projects such as the JACE Super Tour, the

Dynamic Academic Cooperation with/among African universities, the

promotion of FDI  ß  ->LDI linkages  with partnership promotion and

technology transfer, networking with government agencies and international

organizations .       

  These projects are designed for African people and the whole world to awaken them to the problems we are all facing in this world of interdependence, and  to empower them to create an environment which promotes mutually






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